Enhance your life with Art for Parkinson's



​Art for Parkinson's is an art-as-therapy programme of Parkinson's NSW and is designed especially for people living with Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's symptoms can be alleviated during the art-making process and this can improve mental and physical wellbeing.  Workshops and classes also provide social connections with others in the Parkinson's community.

The benefits of participation in Art for Parkinson's workshops or classes include:

  • Creating anything on paper reduces stress and helps to reduce tremors
  • Painting or drawing introduces movements that are not part of everyday life - helping to decrease the likelihood of freezing
  • Translating your emotions into art can make it easier to express thoughts and feelings - particularly if you have speech issues
  • Visual expression and working bilaterally stimulates both hemispheres of your brain

No special artistic skills or talent are required.  These sessions are social, fun and beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

"I attended the Art for Parkinson's workshop facilitated by Wendy with my Dad and Mum and found it a fantastic experience.  Not just for my Dad who has Parkinson's but also for my Mum, who cares for Dad, as a time-out for her.  There was a chance for Dad to explore his interest in painting despite some physical limitations and Mum to discover her painting skills!"

                                                    Emalynne, November 2018