Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a movement and mood disorder typically presenting with symptoms such as slowness of movement, muscle rigidity, instability, tremor, depression and anxiety.

There are estimated to be some 80,000 Australians living with Parkinson’s disease. A diagnosis can occur at any age with the most common age of diagnosis being 65. 20% of those diagnosed are under the age of 50 and 10% before the age of 40.

Currently there is no known cause for the development of Parkinson’s.  However, it is thought that a combination of the following may play a role:

Genetics (hereditary)
Environmental factors
Pesticides & Toxins

It is understood that the neurones in a particular area of the brain known as the substantia nigra, are damaged or lost. This results in a reduction in dopamine, a powerful brain chemical that assists in coordinating movement.

There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease but there are effective treatment and therapy options that can help manage symptoms, so people with Parkinson’s disease can continue to enjoy many years of independent and productive living.

There is still much to learn about what causes Parkinson’s disease but research is ongoing and there is every hope that outcomes for people with Parkinson’s disease will continue to improve and that ultimately there will be a cure. In the meantime, community organisations like Parkinson’s NSW will continue to offer information, education, counselling, advocacy and support.



General information about Parkinson’s disease and related issues is available through our Infoline which is staffed by health professionals. Your call can remain anonymous if you prefer and our support staff are well equipped to provide information about any aspect of Parkinson’s disease.

Please call 1800 644 189. Freecall from any landline.

*Please note, 1800 calls from your mobile may attract an additional fee from your service provider.


People with Parkinson’s disease, their carers, family and supporters can access a Parkinson’s NSW Counsellor by ringing 1800 644 189 (toll free) for an appointment. The Counsellor is available over the phone or in person, in metropolitan Sydney. This is a free service. Our Specialist Counsellors are skilled in the issues surrounding Parkinson’s disease.

Education & Consultancy

Education and consultancy is available for people living with Parkinson’s, their partners, families and carers as well as for health professionals working with people living with Parkinson’s, including Aged care workers and Allied Health professionals. To find out more call the InfoLine on 1800 644 189.

Have a question or want more information?

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